Bro'd Trip 103 min

Two San Diegan Arch-Enemies, a skater & a Bro, truce it out on a cross country road trip to get their best bros back.

In a surprisingly heartwarming matter, these two idiots discover what all of us need right now...What, you think I am just going to give it away? Ha, Only a stupid skater would be that dumb.

Anyways, if you love indie comedies and just need to make fun of someone who's not your Sibling or spouse this Spring, check out bro'd Trip, the cinematic master piece made by a film crew of two.(Yes, you read that right) We promise you won't want your precious hour and a half back.

mark March 19 on your calendar, set some time aside with you, your couch, and a mountain dew, and get amped with us!  


                                              Available on Amazon & Amazon Prime

We have to give a shout out to all of the kickstarter bros & Babes Who helped make this epic tale a reality. We would never have been able to afford gas money to make it Across country. So thank you from the bottom of our Hearts.

We also have to thank all of the Rad music Bros Who helped us capture the essence of San Diego. Seriously, the soundtrack is worth the price of admission. 

And lastly, we have to thank our wives for helping us produce our childhood pipe dream. These characters have been in our lives for two decades, and we are proud to share them with you.

-Brett & Bryce Sorem

© Nocturnal Features (just kidding, we definitely didn't copyright any of this, just don't steal our shit)